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Apple Peel 520 v2 iPod Touch to iPhone Converter Yosion Mobile Phone

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Quick Overview

turn your ipod touch to a iphone
apple peel 520

Product Description

Yes, you can change your iPod Touch to iPhone easily just with Apple Peel 520! It is amazing! But it is really! You are lucky if you are iPod Touch user! You can have a iPhone now!

apple peel 520

apple peel 520

apple peel 520

apple peel 520

apple peel 520



  • Turn your iPod touch into an iPhone

  • 850/900/1800/1900MHz

  • The outward appearance of the apple peel 520 is like other common iphone peels

  • Environmental protection, do no harm to human health

  • It is a back button style communication module

  • Signal strength: good

  • Built-in non-removable 800mAh battery

  • 3.5 mm standard jack

  • Just fit the apple peel on the iPod touch, transforming iPod touch into an iPhone

  • You would like to use ipod touch to make a phone call and send message every now and then

  • Dimession (L x W x H): 121 x 65 x 12.5mm

  • Approved: CE / FCC

Package include:

1x peel 520 device

1x battery

1x manual


How to use the Apple Peel 520?

Which ipod models do the apple peel 520 support?

Ipod touch 1:it need the firmware version update to <3.1.2><3.1.3>.a defect for ipod touch 1 :the position for open and shut down botton is differen between ipod touch 1 and the peel.

Ipod touch 2: compatible perfect

Ipod touch 3: compatible perfect.

Ipod touch 4:as the ipod touch 4 is smaller,so the position for open and shut , volume button is differen from the peel.


The newest version for apple peel 520 is 0.9.5,support following Ipod touch firmware version:<3.1.2>,<3.1.3>,<4.0>,<4.1>. until now ,the peel 520 could let your ipod touch to make a call and send message(sms),but cant connect to interenet although there is the built-in GPRS module.We should wait the company update the software to use the GPRS in future.

Before you decide to buy the apple peel 520 ,we suggest that your ipod touch was Jailbreak succeeded.If you don’t know how to Jailbreak the ipod touch ,please search via goodle.there is a reference process.

Ready software:

  1. iTunes 9.2 or other newest version.please download from

  2. ready the spirit program.

  3. please make sure your ipod touch could connect the interenet via WIFI .

now let us Jailbreak your ipod touch.

Step #1: Jailbreak your ipad touch

The Jailbreak way for <4.0>,<4.1> firmware version is different from <3.1.2> ,<3.1.3> .

For <4.0><4.1>:

1)       find the Safari on your ipod touch first and open it.

apple peel 520

2)       Input the at the Safari URL.

apple peel 520

3)       Sile to jailbreak

apple peel 520

4)       After download it ,please wait for several minutes to see the notice:“Cydia has been added to the home screen”

apple peel 520

5)       Now your touch was Jailbreak succeeded


Use Compatible iTunes version:9.1.1 or before

1)       install the Spirit first and open it.

apple peel 520

2)       connect to your ipod touch

apple peel 520

3)       click  Jailbreak.

apple peel 520

4)       After the click ,the status as the picture show.

apple peel 520

5)       Restar

apple peel 520

6)       After progress bar ,the ipod touch is start .the process take about 2-3 minutes.

apple peel 520

7)       Jailbreak succeeded

apple peel 520

Step #2:install the Dialer software.(newest version is 0.9.5)

we should add two sources and to Cydia.

1)       open the Cydia and then click the mange menu.

apple peel 520

2)       Choose the “sources”

apple peel 520

3)       Click the “edit”

apple peel 520

4)       Click the “add” and then input the URL:

apple peel 520

5)       Click the “add source” and wait a minute to finish the verification and then click “Done”.it is finish to add the source:

6)       Repeat the same way to add the source:

After finish adding the two sources,as the picture:

apple peel 520

Click the

apple peel 520

Select your correct version to install the YosionApp.

apple peel 520

Click the “install”

apple peel 520

Click the comfirm

Step#3:go to the yosion dial menu,dial a any number ,if it show”calling…”

apple peel 520

Congratulations ! you can buy the apple peel 520 now.

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